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52 flights this month

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56,119 miles this month

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166 hours this month

The Connected Virtual Airline


Here at ZIP VIRTUAL, we aim to make flying for a virtual airline a fun and easy experience. If you have never flown for a virtual airline before, or you're a veteran with thousands of hours, we'd love to welcome you on board!

We are a low pressure, friendly airline to fly for with no minimum hour requirements, realistic & dynamic schedules, wet lease operations and ad-hoc charters! With our extensive fleet, we are sure you'll be able to fly what you want, when you want, where you want.

Your flights will be electronically dispatched and logged through our website and ACARS which rates your flight performance.

With scheduled operations based out of London Luton, Newcastle and Rotterdam you can fly all over Europe, North Africa & the Middle East with our extensive fleet of aircraft.

With ZIP VIRTUAL you also get access to our sister airline, Citrus Airways. Based in San Diego, California, you can book and fly on the ZIP VIRTUAL website or you can find out more at

Have a look around our website for more information on ZIP VIRTUAL, you'll find everything from our interactive route map, to details of our inflight service.

Operating two seperate airline operations means you have the choice and flexibility to fly a huge, diverse selection of routes. From scheduled services in the UK, the Netherlands and the US to our charter and wet lease operations, you'll always be able to find the perfect flight for you.

For full immersion, we also have Custom Safety Demonstrations, Airport Reference Guides, Line Operations Manuals, Online AI Model Matching and an automated ACARS software.

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Flights enroute

Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Alex Letch ZIP7027 EGLL TBPB 320 29,938.00kg B772 In Progress
  Karl Desmond ZIP130 LGSM EGGW 73 2,156.00kg B737 Booked

Flight No. Departed Arrived Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
ZIP002 LHBP LGZA   ZIP002 B738 -88fpm
ZIP6006 EGHI LDSP   ZIP001 A320 -178fpm
ZIP6005 LDSP EGHI   ZIP001 A320 N/A
ZIP6002 LOWW LDSP   ZIP001 A320 -151fpm
ZIP004 EGNT ENVA   ZIP004 A320 -99fpm
ZIP004 EFHK EGNT   ZIP004 A320 -56fpm
ZIP004 ENTC EFHK   ZIP004 A320 -53fpm
ZIP002 LDSP LHBP   ZIP002 B738 -73fpm
ZIP002 EFRO LDSP   ZIP002 B738 -36fpm
ZIP6001 LDSP LOWW   ZIP001 A320 -255fpm

The smoothest touchdowns this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Karl Desmond ZIP002 LDSP 2022-06-23 -36.00fpm 93%
  Jonathan Burrell ZIP6217 ENTC 2022-06-22 -37.00fpm 100%
  Karl Desmond ZIP002 EDDM 2022-06-21 -49.00fpm 100%
  Jonathan Burrell ZIP004 EFHK 2022-06-23 -53.00fpm 100%
  Jonathan Burrell ZIP004 EGNT 2022-06-24 -56.00fpm 100%

Our newest cadets

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Jake Trafford United Kingdom United Kingdom ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-06-08
  Fateh Mohammad Raja United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-05-25
  Samuel Wyatt United Kingdom United Kingdom ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-05-22
  Niall Briers United Kingdom United Kingdom ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-05-12
  Stirling Day Australia Australia ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-05-03
  Ivan Tahlin Croatia Croatia ZIP VIRTUAL 2022-04-27
  Alan Busch U.S.A U.S.A CITRUS AIRWAYS 2022-04-06


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