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64 flights this month

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47,491 miles this month

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158 hours this month

Welcome to the Home of Fresh Fares


A warm welcome to a fresh new virtual airline. Here at Citrus Airways we are passionate for operating our gorgeous Airbus aircraft from our home of San Diego.

We have flights as quick as 40 minutes, to trans continental flights over 5 hours. Whats more, we have a busy social community with passionate people with a wealth of experience.

What's more is that you'll not only be able to fly for Citrus Airways, you can also fly for our sister airline, Zip Virtual who are based in the United Kingdom.

Along with our realistic scheduled services - all viewable and bookable through our online timetable, we also alow ad-hoc flights. So if you fancy flying somewhere off the beaten track - go ahead and enjoy yourself. For those of you who like to fly to the schedule, check out our route map below.

Whether you're starting out, or if you are a real-world pilot, we are sure you'll love flying for Citrus Airways. We have an extensive operations manual, custom sound packs (for FSLabs) and online AI model matching (coming soon).

Our management team has real-world Airbus pilots onboard so we are always happy to help you improve your flying skills. If you fancy learning something new, why not take a "Simulator Session" with an instructor to practice those emergency procedures.

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Flights enroute


Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
ZIP500 EGNT ESGG   ZIP085 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIP (OY-OPO|2021) -219fpm
CTR3613 EGHI LFLB   ZIP001 MJC8Q400_CONQUEST -483fpm
ZIP511 LIMC EGNT   ZIP004 CS 757-200 ZIPVIRTUAL (G-ZNBE) -111fpm
ZIP510 EGNT LIMC   ZIP004 CS 757-200 ZIPVIRTUAL (G-ZNBE) -147fpm
ZIP57 EGGW LXGB   ZIP002 FSLABS A320-214 - ZIP (G-ZMAD) -66fpm
ZIP507 ESSA EGNT   ZIP085 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIP (G-ZEDI|2021) -123fpm
TRA6262 LDSP EHRD   ZIP002 FSLABS A320-214 - ZIP (G-ZMAD) -99fpm
ZIP795 EHAM EDDK   ZIP083 PMDG 737-800NGXU BCF ZIP LOGISTICS (G-ZEMA | 2021) -309fpm

The smoothest touchdowns this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Alex Letch CTR774 EGHI 2022-01-21 -63.00fpm 93%
  Karl Desmond ZIP57 LXGB 2022-01-24 -66.00fpm 100%
  Karl Desmond ZIP128 EGGW 2022-01-20 -74.00fpm 100%
  Dani Zijlmans ZIP795 LFPG 2022-01-23 -91.00fpm 95%
  Karl Desmond TRA6262 EHRD 2022-01-23 -99.00fpm 100%

Our newest cadets

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Per Peters Netherlands Netherlands ZipVirtual 2022-01-22
  Roberto Reyes U.S.A U.S.A Citrus Airways 2022-01-22
  Max Hayes United Kingdom United Kingdom ZipVirtual 2022-01-06
  Jan C Slovenia Slovenia ZipVirtual 2022-01-05
  Ian Hill United Kingdom United Kingdom ZipVirtual 2022-01-03
  Fernando Trein United Kingdom United Kingdom ZipVirtual 2022-01-03
  Julien Chabbey Switzerland Switzerland ZipVirtual 2022-01-03

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