The White City

posted by Karl Desmond on 2021-08-15

We had a slightly unusual request recently from a few of our members and after a little research and experimentation, Scott and I are pleased to announce the return of the Boeing 777-200ER into our fleet. G-ZSAN has been dusted down and ferried to London Luton, for the introduction of our twice daily (Monday to Friday) service from London to Tel Aviv.

This may seem like an interest and impossible move, but rest assured, it can be done! In 2011, El Al Israel Airlines operated a Boeing 767 from Luton after moving their ops from Stansted the previous year. Seat demand on the route became so high that a 777-200ER was subbed in and became a regular sight at the airport.

The route is now live so you can fly any of our 777-200ER aircraft to and from Tel Aviv as you please.