Monthly Update

posted by Karl Desmond on 2021-09-07

Scott and I have been hard at work recently, planning what we would like the next twelve months to look like for everyone at ZipVirtual. Below you’ll find updates on current projects as well as plans and implementations.


• Boeing 757’s – Both of our ex-Jet2 757-200’s are in the paint shop undergoing painting and rebranding. Due to the pandemic we have had supply issues when obtaining parts but hope to get them into service very soon. I have provided a little history about each aircraft below:

G-ZNBE – ‘Mos Espa , Tatooine’ (Yes, it’s a real place!) – this 757-21B was manufactured in 1987 and delivered to the Civil Aviation Administration of China in October of the same year registered as B-2802. In November of 1990, it underwent work to convert it to the C8Y192 configuration before entering service with China Southern Airlines where it remained until November 2006. After being configured to Y235, it entered service as G-LSAH. On the 8th Jun 2020 it was moved to Kemble and entered storage, being stripped of it’s powerplants at the same time.

G-ZSMI – ‘Pythagoreion, Samos’ – Maintaining a Y235 configuration since delivery to Air Europe in April of 1989 under the registration G-BRJD, this 757-200 has spent its entire life over Europe. Between October 1989 and October 1990, it served Air Europa (EC-349,EC-ESC) under lease before returning to Air Europe. In May 1991, Air 2000 operated the aircraft registering it as G-OOOS. In April 2004, Greece Airways registered it as SX-BLW and leased the aircraft to Air Scotland under the same registration. In July 2005 it returned to Greece Airways and remained there until Jun 2006 when Jet2 purchased and registered the airframe as G-LSAD. Jet2 put the aircraft to good use until moving to storage in Kemble and stripping the engines in March 2020.

Lease Operations

• Transavia

I’m pleased to announce that under the watchful eye of our new Lease Manager, Aron Kruit, we’ve secured use for some of our stored aircraft. Transavia have recently put out a request assistance for their Rotterdam ops and I am pleased to announce we’ve provided one Airbus A320, two Airbus A321’s and a Boeing 737-800 as well as full crew. The aircraft will be based at home in Luton but will fly to Rotterdam on the required days before changing callsign and operating under the Transavia banner. Our aircraft and crew will be serving the following destinations on their behalf

• Almería
• Corfu
• Gran Canaria
• Heraklion
• Split

At the end of their sectors for each day, each aircraft and crew will return home to Luton.

Aron has very kindly compiled documentation (attached) to make ZipVirtual Operations easier whilst operation for Transavia and I hope you will find these useful.

• Future Leases

• Whilst I cannot give too much information whilst negotiations are underway, we have been approached by an American carrier who is experiencing staff shortages and are looking to lease crew. This will mean that we’ll be looking at providing flight deck and cabin crew to them and there is the potential for transatlantic ops from London Heathrow. As I say, negotiations are still underway, but I’ll be updating everyone at the right time.

• Scott is currently in negotiations with regional operators to assess demand for our turboprop aircraft.

• Harry (our wonderful community manager) is also partaking in discussions with a certain orange operator who would like a few extra A319’s.

Quite a lot going on as you can see, and we hope everyone will enjoy these changes as they roll out.